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Born global startups

What are born global startups?

Attention to born global startups comes from a stream of theory and research that examines how startups rapidly internationalize their new ventures (Knight and Cavusgil, 2004). Older incremental or capability-building theories viewed the entrepreneur as layering on experience by stretching farther out geographically over time as they develop the requisite skills through trial and error.

Abomination or reality check?

Born global startups make their first transactions across national boundaries and are thus a kind of counter-evidence to the older theories. If startups are capable of being born global, then the whole notion of incremental experience-based learning seems wrong. Maybe there is something that can be learned from the cases that we see in the wild (e.g., Google is born global, as are many other tech firms).
Enabled by advances in communication technologies Observers of "born globals" suggest that advances in communication technologies …