Top 10 Theories About Entrepreneurship Today

What are the top 10 theories about entrepreneurship?

 This is a subjective list of theories we think are getting attention in 2019.

  1. Knowledge spillovers.The knowledge spillover theory of entrepreneurship posits that employee mobility is a major source of knowlege flow.
  2. Radical subjectivism.  
  3. Resource based theory The resource based theory locates opportunities in behaviors that rebundle resources.
  4. Bricolage theory Bricolage theory proposes that entrepreneurs make something out of nothing.
  5. Strategic disagreements. Employee spinouts start with disagreements about strategy.
  6. Effectuation theory
  7. Creative destruction
  8. Emancipation theory
  9. Necessity versus opportunity
  10. Alertness theory  
     Image Source: Nick Youngson